Almost Her
What if you weren't famous but people treated you as if you were? That is the peculiar circumstance I have often found myself in; I look very much like a certain celebrity - my own identical twin. An actress with high profile roles in movies like Christine and Dragnet, and in TV shows like Baywatch, Alexandra has long been a recognizable face, which means my own face is famous too.

In this essay I explore the strange world of celebrity from the perspective of an ordinary person, examining identity, fame, and the hilarious and sometimes creepy pitfalls of misidentification.

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The Rumpus
I'd spent my whole life believing I would never marry. Then the Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage was legal. Suddenly, I was a little freaked out.

Tech Page One
Here are a few very short, light-hearted articles on the intersection of technology and lifestyle, written for an online website called Tech Page one:

You're going on a date. To google or not to google?

Confused on how to wish someone happy birthday in this modern era? An quick guide:

Sunset Magazine
Sometimes being a writer is boring. But sometimes it feels as if you are doing loop-de-loops near snow capped mountains. That's because sometimes you ARE. I take a tandem flight near the Eastern Sierras with one of the best paragliders in the world for a story in Sunset magazine: